Golden Bear Ranches is a family-owned and operated farming company located in the fertile northern San Joaquin Valley  which strives to grow the most delicious fruits and vegetables in our marketplace.

Using environmentally conscientious methods, we harvest only the freshest produce and deliver it to our customers knowing that they, in turn, will take great care and pride in serving their public the very best that Northern California has to offer in our fruits and vegetables.

We have a terrific staff. We support their strong sense of dedication to our company and our customers by creating an environment in which they can feel appreciated, challenged and productive.

Our sincere dedication to these ideals has been passed down for many generations in our family, which is why our main goal is to celebrate our farming heritage by exceeding the expectations of every customer we serve.


GBR Heirlooms Featured on TV!

Be sure to watch Bringing It Home’s heirloom tomato episode featuring Super-Chef Michael Chiarello (Bottega Restaurant) and Host-Chef Laura McIntosh as they share three fabulous recipes using GBR’s heirlooms! Also watch for a cameo appearance by Golden Bear Ranches’ President John Gibson.




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